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Livestream 11-13=21 - Who are the Tribulation Saints?

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Nov 14, 2021

Isn't 7th trumpet which is 3rd woe related to the mark of the beast in chapter 13?

Around this time, those 2 witness (144,000) will be martyred by the beast, and after 3 1/2 days they will raptured. Then on the earth, the second beast will have authority to force mark everyone left on earth in chapter 13:15~18. Then chapter 14:9, people still get warned not to have the mark of the beast in their hand or upon forehead. In chapter 16, those who worship the beast and received the mark, get consequences.

Thank you brother Levi, and all who read this. God bless you all!! Shalom :)

Nov 14, 2021
Replying to

Shalom brothers and sisters!!

Thank you for the reply brother Levi. I appreciate your all the good works and passion and courage, and surely you are God blessed! :)

If the 7th trumpet is retelling things in chapter 6, that doesn't make sense much.

Let me explain the reason (I hope I make sense... ^^). Fyi, I became believer in 2015, and was into truth seeking day and night. And this year Oct. I finally was able to see everything clearly. I used be like you, but then there was many contradictory. I always prayed to God to let me know the truth. Then this Oct. things started to appear so clear and simple. It seemed miracle to me. Now,…


Nov 14, 2021

Hello again, brother Levi, I strongly believe that Revelation is pretty much chronological order. 7 seals (this is worldly tribualtion/persecution until rapture), 7trumpets and 7vials are wrath of God during 7 year great tribulation.

Seal 5, is about the martyred saints who died and dying after Jesus Christ resurrection till now. These are the souls who are waiting in paradise right now, but will be raptured with bodies in 5th seal!!

These people have nothing to do with saints during 7year great tribulation (starts with trumpets).

Now, I personally believe we have 4th seal opened, and soon we will see 2 billion people will be killed with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seals. (Rev. 6:8).

Then 5th seal, martyred saints raptured,…


Nov 14, 2021

Hello brother Levi,

Always thankful for your courageous teaching. God bless you. Let me tell you about something I know about the verse Matthew 24:29 "immediately after the tribulation....." This verse is about the happening (tribulation) in previous verse of 28 not the whole 7year great tribulation!

When you read Revelation 6:8, it describes that 1/4 part will be killed by sword, hunger etc......this is about 2 billion people, and this is what Jesus meant in Matthew 24:28. So, what Jesus meant was after these 2 billion people death (tribulation of those days!), sun, moon, stars will change...(This is Revelation 6:12~14).

Matthew 24 28~31 is same with Revelation 6:8~7:9

Matthew 24;28~29 kjv

8 For wheresoever the carcase is, there will…

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