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Banned Videos for 12-19-20

These are the banned videos we played in our chatroom Saturday 12-19-20

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Dec 21, 2020

I am strongly against the vaccine and I have been really getting through to my mom on not taking the vaccine as well I'm praying that she can hold on .

Dec 19, 2020

Just thank you. I say something vague to protect the guilty (me) from harm. Watched the leader where i am at get the jab. Replayed it 4 x to be sure. Video of jab to arm only had frontal view not angled side view. Doctor holds both syringe and needle itself for jab and removal. Why? Needle went behind arm not into arm. He did rt arm cause hes rt handed he said. Left is normal unless a fake shot by rt handed doctor to obvious on camera. The other guy jabbed was quick from behind arm so no jab seen. Man these wicked leaders will deceive many. I cant say nothing in the streets or im history. Praise Go…

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