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Underground Chat Room

Join our Underground Chat Room on Zoom (weekends only)

Saturday and Sunday



10:30 am ET - Worship Music.

11:30 am ET - Banned Videos

1 pm ET Bible Study


Sunday: Not Available


(make sure you match your time with ours)


There are several ways to join our Chat Room:

The link below is for Saturday ONLY (Not Sunday)

If you want to join us Sunday also

please, contact me through the website chat.


1. Join through the website - Click here


2. Download the App - Click here


3. By Phone - Click here


The link below is for Saturday ONLY (Not Sunday)


Remember, there are several ways to join us.


You will need the Link or the meeting ID:

(this can change sometimes)




The link below is for Saturday Only (Not Sunday)


If  you have the app already on your

computer or phone then here is the

current meeting ID and link


Join Zoom Meeting - This week:

Click Link -

Meeting ID: 857 9074 6046



Other important info:


Once you enter the meeting ID and click Join,
you may be placed in a waiting area for

a moment until you are allowed in.

Please, be patient.


On Saturday, the use of cameras and mics are not allowed,

but on Sunday we do allow them.

You can request to use yours on Sunday.



Click here to download the Zoom App.

Join by Phone:
Join by phone only from anywhere
in the World  (Click Here)
(You will need the Meeting ID)

Please, make sure you know what our teachings
are before you join our Sunday Chat Room.

Click here to see our Teachings

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